Grassroots Int. Becomes Dalia Association Fiscal Sponsor

May 2008 - Dalia Association is thrilled that U.S. donors will now be able to make tax-deductible contributions to the “Grassroots International Dalia Fund” at Grassroots International, the highly reputable Boston-based social justice funder, as the result of a fiscal sponsorship agreement signed in February, 2008.

A visit to Beit Surik

The sound of the stream, and the smell of the herbs that have been tickled by the passing breeze was surrounding members from the Ramallah Women Fund on agricultural land in Beit Surik. The members include the Birzeit Women Charity Association, The Women’s Association of Qarawa Bani Zeid and the Women’s Association of Beit Surik. They visited the agricultural project which was implemented by the Ramallah Women Fund, part of Dalia Association‘s “Women supporting Women” program.

Round Table Discussion: Producing and Consuming in a resistance economy today in Palestine

On May 28th, Dalia Association held a round table discussion on "Producing and Consuming in a resistance economy today in Palestine". The tables focused on many themes including tourism, agriculture and agro-ecology, circular economy, non-cash resources, food sovereignty, resistant economy, and many other related topics.

Dalia Association hosted Ommar Al Ard

On March 30, 2016, Dalia Association hosted Ommar Al Ard to lead a roundtable discussion with local environmental organizations to discuss environmental issues in Palestine. The discussion focused on key issues effecting the environment such as outdated laws and lack of continuity in donor funded projects which impacts the sustainability of the interventions. The group agreed to meet monthly to discuss key priorities and collaborate to ensure a more effective and sustainable impact in our local environment.

Collaborative meeting in Susya

The Dalia team organized a collaborative meeting in Susya last Monday in an effort to facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise between the communities in southern Hebron and the Naqab. Participants included the Sidreh women’s society in Liqia, the Susya Rural women’s society, Dalia Association, Action Against Hunger, Oxfam Quebec, and an environmental innovator who produces solar concentrators.

Meeting with community leaders in the field

On March 3, part of the Dalia Association team headed to Bethlehem to meet with community leaders in the field.  The visit started at the Palestine Museum of Natural History with a meeting and tour by professor Mazin Qumsiyeh.  The photos in this post show the aquaponics system established on the grounds of the museum.  The museum is working to develop sustainable environmental models that can be used by Palestinian communities. 

Support local farmers and join a CSA

We at the Dalia Association thank the enthusiastic farmers of Om Sleiman Farm in Bilin, Mohammad and Muhab, for presenting their community supported agriculture initiative.

Mohammad and Muhab are two young, charismatic farmers working towards developing a model of food sovereignty for Palestinians where the community interacts directly with the farmer who provides healthy, organic produce to all participating members.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy – an alternative resource - a path to Palestinian self-determination.

Women Supporting Women Program - Developing Women’s Coalitions

As part of the women supporting women program, Dalia Association staff organized an initial workshop with the members of the women’s funds in Ramallah, Jenin, and Salfeet. The coalition facilitator worked with the participants to identify their priority issues. Issues to be addressed by these women coalitions include the use of illegal drugs by the youth in the Jenin district, the widespread addiction to smoking cigarettes and nargila in the Salfeet district, and the lack of equal participation by women in local governance in the Ramallah district.

Signing of Agreement Women’s Fund for Community Philanthropy for the Ramallah district

On September 8, 2015, four women’s associations signed an agreement to establish the Women’s Fund for Community Philanthropy for the Ramallah district. These women’s associations included the Charitable Women’s Society in Abwein, the Women’s Club in Karawa Bani Zeid, the Women’s Center Society in Beit Surik, and the Charitable Women’s Society in Beir Zeit.

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