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Call for Price Offers- IBDA' Program-West Bank

Call for Price Offers- IBDA' Program-West Bank


 About Dalia

Dalia Association is Palestine’s community foundation that realizes our rights as Palestinians to control our resources for our own durable development. Our mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent and accountable civil society, through community-controlled grant-making. Our approach focuses on the ecological, local economy, social and cultural dimensions. We aim to strengthen community philanthropy in Palestine and the Diaspora, because we believe that everyone in our community has something to give, by contributing our talents, resources, and energies for a thriving Palestine.

We are seeking a marketing consultant with the details below. The deadline to apply is August 21 at 24:030 pm (Midnight). For further inquiries please email [email protected] 

Please send the application to: [email protected]

Start date: 1 September 2019


Project Description

The IBDA’ Youth program aims to empower youth in various villages as well as schools. Through our curriculum, we empower the youth to address their own priorities using their own resources. Dalia facilitates a democratic decision-making process that ensures transparency and accountability within the community. In other words, The IBDA’ program is youth controlled; meaning that the youth decide through a voting process how each grant is spent. Through public meetings, initiatives are discussed to address their needs and urgencies. They then, develop solutions and present them in another public meeting. The youth groups then vote for the best initiatives that benefit them. After the voting day, a local monitoring and evaluation committee is established, to ensure accountability and transparency to the community, and the proper implementation of the initiatives. Prior, during, and after implementation, we provide capacity building training and workshops that differ according to the priorities addressed by the youth.  We also link them to our vast network of resources. The solutions to their community problems target the entire community including women, men, children, youth, and people with disabilities. We work with the youth to ensure their proposed initiatives support their communities, in particular, their local economy.

It is worth mentioning that this program is in partnership with Drosos Foundation.


 Scope of work:

  1. To review the existing segmentation of each initiative according to the business plan and provide an evaluation. Output: an evaluation report.
  2. To provide training for the seven initiatives’ members in the use of marketing.
  3. To prepare an adopted marketing plan for each initiative which includes:
  • To identify and find the marketing mix of each initiative.
  • To make an adopted proper intervention after the evaluation to improve the existing status of each initiative, and find the best way of channeling accordingly.
  • To find the best methods of marketing channels, and tools (digital marketing, word of mouth…etc)
  • To find a competitive edge for each initiative.
  1. To follow up with the initiatives in applying the marketing strategy




 BA in marketing

 Proven experience in marketing consultation for different groups.

Excellent communication skills; communication competency with youth groups from different backgrounds.



About the initiatives


West of Ramallah:

  • Qibya Service Center- Mohammad Yousef: this center will provide services for students in the village in regards to printing, access to the internet, and training in research.
  • Al Natouf Market-Usayd and his team: they plan to hold a bazaar to support local producers, as well as reviving the old Khawaja Castle in Ni’ilin, with social and cultural activities.

Ramallah and Albereh:

  • Kids laboratory: Introduce science, technology, and engineering to kids through hands-on interactive activities
  • Cycling Palestine- Suhaip: this initiatives tours villages, cities, and towns in Palestine on bikes


  • Calquette from Power group: creating a cultural café and hub for the local youth to discuss
  • cultural issues, such as film, theatre, and other topics.

East of Ramallah:

Jannat Alfeker: A cultural-educational center by a group of youth with a library corner.