Dalia Association

The Village Decides - Grant Program- 2008
The first program was implemented in Saffa village in Ramallah District. “The Village Decides” is an experimental program which was implemented by Dalia Association in 2008, that as a part of Dalia mechanism which aimed at involving the local society in decision-making process. This mechanism proceeded from the basic goals of Dalia in activating and investing resources to distribute it fairly to achieve social change to gain sustainable development. ... More About This Program

Mobilizing Resources for Palestinian-led Social Change & Sustainable Development
Dalia Association is a Palestinian community foundation that was founded by members of the Palestinian community from the West Bank including East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Israel, and the Diaspora. We are diverse in terms of religion, gender, age, and politics, yet we are united by our commitment to mobilizing, investing, and distributing resources according to local Palestinian priorities using community-based decision-making. ... More About Dalia 

Results of Momentum for Philanthropy Competition

The idea of Momentum for Philanthropy emerged from Dalia’s believes of the importance of philanthropy in the Palestinian society where Palestinians give back to their community.
The main focus of this competition is to highlight examples of Palestinian philanthropy to change the false image that Palestinians receive help but don't extend it.
This competition was a chance for Palestinian youth to refute this by bringing examples of Palestinian Philanthropy. Those examples of giving elaborate ability, sacrifice, and true desire to develop the different fields in the Palestinian society. 
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The 'Momentum for Philanthropy'
We believe that after generations of conflict, dispossession, fragmentation and dehumanization, Palestinians need and deserve to lead their own social change and sustainable development efforts. To this end, Dalia Association mobilizes the abundant resources of the worldwide Palestinian community and their friends—steadfastness, traditions, creativity, faith, expertise and money—and facilitates community decision-making about how these resources should be used to maximize real development.
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