Gaza Fund Campaign

Our Goal

100 new Company Funds dedicated to supporting community-controlled rebuilding in Gaza


Commitments to Give

SUSTAINER: Your company/group commits to giving $10,000 or more for 3 years

PARTNER: Your company/group commits to giving $5,000 per year for 3 years

SUPPORTER: Your company/group commits to giving $2,500 per year for 3 years

We also welcome individual contributors to join the campaign.


Why give to the Dalia Gaza Fund?

Giving through Dalia ensures that your contribution to Palestinians in Gaza will be


                  The trauma experienced in Gaza does not end when the violence stops. Relief agencies are currently working to address the immediate needs of people in Gaza. However, once the spotlight on Gaza fades, the needs remain. A donation through Dalia is a commitment to address these needs and establish strong links between the private sector and the community.


                  Grantmaking in Gaza must be sensitive to the trauma experienced and specific needs of the population.  Dalia Association will apply its experience and knowledge of community-controlled grantmaking. We will also incorporate knowledge gained by those who have implemented grantmaking in times of great crisis and reconstruction.

and Empowering!

                  Dalia, at its heart, promotes the Palestinian right to self-determination in development. This means that Palestinians in Gaza are able to determine community needs and priorities. It also fundamentally transforms relationships between givers and receivers. Receivers are empowered to take ownership of development resources and givers are more fully integrated in the process.


What will Dalia do with my contribution?

The money donated through the Gaza Company Funds will be given in grants to identified communities in Gaza for rebuilding efforts. The grants will be determined and given through Dalia Association’s democratic, community-controlled grantmaking programs. Dalia Association has implemented this type of grantmaking since 2008 in the West Bank.

Dalia Association is partnering with local civil society organizations in Gaza and the West Bank to design a democratic, community-controlled grantmaking process that is sensitive to the trauma experienced by Palestinians in Gaza and the specific needs of the population. We are working with and learning from community foundations around the world that have experience in grantmaking in times of reconstruction.



For more information about the Gaza Fund at Dalia and ways to contribute, contact Shyrina Rantisi (