Meeting of the Jericho Women’s Fund for Philanthropy 03.07.2014

Three Dalia employees met with the newly formed Jericho Village Fund to introduce the new Philanthropy Program Officer and check in on each member’s project. Representatives from five community organizations form the Village Fund: Women Center Aqabet Jabber, Al-Ouja Cooperation for Rural Development, Sanabel Reef Association, Tree of Life Heritage Assocation, and the Al-Nowe’meh Cooperation for the Development of Handicrafts. Dalia’s Director, Saeeda Mousa, introduced the new Philanthropy Program Officer, Shyrina Rantisi, and the new Communications and Fundraising Officer, Meredith Lee. Saeeda and Shyrina passed out the Village Fund agreement to each representative who shared contact information with the other representatives present. After discussing questions about the agreement, Saeeda moved to ask each Village Fund member for an update on their projects. Most organizations had spent a portion of the Fund’s original $3,000 investment and were now designing plans for repayment. Saeeda discussed repayment plans with each Fund member. Most agreed to put $50-$150 into the Fund each month for a period of 5-10 months. It is necessary to mention two important aspects of the meeting. First, each Village Fund member expressed concern over what happens if one organization breaks the contract. Second, the representative from the Tree of Life Heritage Association decided that she did not want to be part of the Fund.