Contribution Acceptance Policy

Dalia Association’s mission is to mobilize resources for Palestinian-led social change and sustainable development. Thus, solicitation, acceptance and distribution of gifts are central to our mission. In addition, Dalia Association seeks to promote philanthropy, especially local Palestinian philanthropy, regardless of the size of gifts. Serving the legitimate philanthropic interests of Palestinian donors around the world and our friends is central to our mission.

These guidelines are intended to ensure that gifts to Dalia Association serve the mission, are legal and ethical, do not compromise the organization (including our advocacy mandate), are well administered, and engender trust among current and future donors. The Gift Acceptance Policy applies to gifts of money, in-kind donations, or other gifts (securities, bequests, etc.)

This policy authorizes Dalia Association staff, acting in their professional roles, to solicit and accept gifts from individuals or institutions whenever these gifts are consistent with the Board-approved policy. In the event that a gift might fall outside these guidelines, the Board of Directors or a Board-designated subcommittee must authorize the gift before it is accepted.

As a matter of policy, Dalia Association does not accept gifts that:

• Come from governments with policies that harm Palestinians. Gifts from intermediary agencies that receive government funds may be acceptable if the intermediary’s policies are acceptable;
• Require us to implement offensive and unfeasible enforcement against Palestinians (e.g., Anti-terrorism Certification);
• Undermine the independence and dignity of Dalia Association or its grantees or Palestinians in general;
• Are likely to make us dependent on a donor; or
• Come from illegal or questionable sources.

Contributions that must be approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis include:

• Might involve conflict of interest or the perception thereof;
• Obligate the organization in ways not consistent with the organizational mission;
• Very large amounts;
• May have unfavorable or unanticipated legal or financial/tax implications; or
• Could compromise our reputation in the Palestinian community

Gifts are considered unrestricted unless explicated stated at the time the gift is given and accepted; staff may direct unrestricted gifts as needed, within organizational policy. Acceptable restrictions include donor direction of gifts toward grantmaking, endowment or operating expenses; or, donor direction of gifts toward sectors or target groups that fall within the Dalia Association mission (e.g., youth, culture, Gaza). Designated staff members have the authority to accept gifts with acceptable conditions, however, they must bring situations not covered by this policy to the Board of Directors for a decision before accepting them.

In general, Dalia Association publicizes names (not amount or place of residence) of all donors in its public materials unless agreed otherwise in advance with the donor. In no case can donor names be omitted from financial reporting, and thus, donors cannot be guaranteed anonymity from anyone with legitimate access to Dalia Association’s internal financial records.
Approved by the Board of Directors, Dalia Association, 10 April 2008