If you would like to promote Palestinian-led social change and sustainable development as a volunteer, there are many ways that you can get involved. You can join one of our committees or work directly with a Palestinian community-based organization.

Dalia will help you decide how best you can contribute, therefore maximizing your impact and contribution.

Whether you live locally or not, maybe you would like to form a Dalia support group in your region or promote Palestinian community-based organizations through your regular community networks. Or, would you like to come and volunteer in Palestine? Perhaps you are skilled in web design or enjoy writing. After in-depth consultation with you, we would be pleased to introduce you to a Palestinian community-based organisation that needs your expertise.

Please contact us here so that we can begin exploring options with you!

Dalia is currently building a confidential contacts database of its friends and supporters from all over the world to help us communicate with you quickly and efficiently, and also to let you know if any events are coming up in your areas.

Spread the word to organizations and individuals that you think might want to join the Dalia community.