At Dalia Association, we believe that many of the resources we need for social change and sustainable development already exist within the community. There are 10 million Palestinians worldwide, and many more allies in every country on every continent. Yet political developments have divided the community. There are artists, doctors, writers, bankers and teachers who would contribute their services, but they don't have connections with organizations who could benefit. Also, in our experience with Palestinian community-based organizations, we find that while nearly all of them need funding, they often need something less tangible too advice, a favor, or encouragement. Therefore, one of our core strategies is to LINK people who have resources expertise, ideas, contacts, equipment and other assets with community activists who need those resources to serve their communities.

For example:

  • We helped youth from Picture Balata in Balata refugee camp near Nablus get US visas in time for them to tour several US cities sharing their life experience through their photographs.

  • We transported spare parts for Braille typewriters used by students at the Friends of the Blind Association in El-Bireh from the manufacturer in Boston, saving time, money and considerable hassle.

  • We recruited, selected and oriented two Palestinian youth to participate on scholarship in the Design Science Lab run by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in Brooklyn, New York, from June 22-29, 2007. Two Palestinian youth attended the Lab at the United Nations Headquarters, which focused on reducing poverty. Read Samah's article about her experience!
You can help by letting us know how you want to get involved, and by spreading the word to others so we can build a directory of contacts for the purposes of linking, convening and networking people around the world with Palestinian community-based organizations. Please sign up for our updates, and when asked, tell us about your abilities and interests.