At Dalia, we believe the process of social change is as important as the outcome. Therefore, we seek to INVOLVE people of all kinds in expanding traditions of philanthropy and volunteerism and working together to strengthen the Palestinian social fabric.

Given recent developments, it is easy to give up hope and stop trying to make change. It is easy to succumb to mistrust and stop reaching out to others. It is easy to say Palestinians don't give money or Palestinians don't  volunteer or Palestinians can't work together. Yet many of us remember the first Intifada, and we remember the depth of commitment we all shared to advancing our collective interest in justice and peace. No one said we didnt have the resources to do what needed to be done. It is this spirit of self-reliance and possibility that we hope to revive by involving many different kinds of people in activities that bring people together to work for the collective good.

In order to put our philosophy in action, we hope to embark on a pilot project to help us elaborate and evaluate our intervention strategy so that it can be replicated. We see our role not as doing development work per se, but mentoring local community activists in mobilizing resources so that they can lead their communities own efforts.