The Social Change Auction “Give to the Balad"

The Dalia Association would like to invite you to participate in the social change auction “Give to the Balad", which will take place at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Monday 26-11-2016 from 6:00-9:00 pm.


The Social Change Auction is Dalia’s effort to support local community solutions and initiatives in Palestine. The event is similar to an auction, except that selected initiatives do a pitch about their initiative and how it contributes to community development in Palestine, taking into consideration the environmental dimension as well as the social, cultural, and the local economy. In return, you are welcomed to support the initiatives by offering donations on spot (live crowdfunding).

The minimum donation is 20 NIS. (The cost for a large cappuccino).


We hope you can join us this day, and let’s Give to the Balad and support community solutions!


A committee that is representative of the local community was formed. They chose the two initiatives following initiatives to participate in the event:


• Zeina-Tijmana: This initiative along with the Zeina cooperative gathers women from the Bedouin community of Um Al Naser to produce handmade toys, in order to empower women economically, and provide income to support their families socially and culturally as well. The toys are made up of cloths or wood, as it is their belief in the importance of using safe and environmentally friendly materials for the children. The cooperative also links these women with civil society organizations working with children to achieve their mission and vision.

• Aboud Kitchen: The Barbara Women Society in the village of Aboud plan to establish a kitchen to generate income for their current and future activities. Through this kitchen they aim to provide job opportunities for the local population, as well provide healthy meals for new-working mothers, who often rely on the purchase of fast food. At the same time, the Kitchen aims to revive local dishes that are disappearing as they will also provide cooking classes. All of this in an effort to continue with the activities for the elderly day care center, and promote local tourism in the village, and save the culinary heritage in Palestine.


For more information: 2989121


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*Dalia Association is Palestine’s community foundation that realizes our rights as Palestinians to control our resources for our own durable development. Our mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent and accountable civil society, through community controlled grant-making. Our approach focuses on the ecological, local economy, social and cultural dimensions. We aim to strengthen community philanthropy in Palestine and the Diaspora, because we believe that everyone is a giver.