Solar Energy

Solar Energy – an alternative resource - a path to Palestinian self-determination.

Monday- Feb 1, 2016, Dalia Association held a presentation titled “Solar Energy – a practical alternative to electricity in Palestine.” The presentation was moderated by Moutasem Hassan from Hebron. Moutasem discussed the challenges facing the energy sector in Palestine and the practical alternatives. While Palestine is rich in resources, the Occupation prevents Palestinians from accessing and effectively utilizing the local resources. The participants agreed that a proactive alternative to energy is necessary given the fragility of access to the grid in the current environment.

Moutasem presented a solar power concentrator that he built and hopes to pilot its use in local farms and bakeries. The solar power concentrator is composed of materials readily available in Palestine and is simple enough to be built using local labor. Various applications include cooking, food dehydration, milk pasteurization, syrup production, baking, roasting and so on.

During the discussion, a women’s group from Liqia in the Negev commented that such a concentrator can save costs for cooking the dye that they use in making their wool rugs. The Beit Suriq women’s group added that such a concentrator can save money as well as provide a reliable source of energy for their school lunch program.