Support local farmers and join a CSA

We at the Dalia Association thank the enthusiastic farmers of Om Sleiman Farm in Bilin, Mohammad and Muhab, for presenting their community supported agriculture initiative.

Mohammad and Muhab are two young, charismatic farmers working towards developing a model of food sovereignty for Palestinians where the community interacts directly with the farmer who provides healthy, organic produce to all participating members.

The Om Sleiman farm is located near the apartheid wall and an illegal settlement in Bilin. The Palestinian city is a notorious stepping ground for grassroots movements and non-violent political protests. The Israeli Occupation tried to confiscate the land where Om Sleiman Farm lies, but a court decision ruled that the land belongs to the village of Bilin.

More information about Bilin can be found on the internationally acclaimed film, 5 Broken Cameras:

Om Sleiman farm: