A visit to Beit Surik

The sound of the stream, and the smell of the herbs that have been tickled by the passing breeze was surrounding members from the Ramallah Women Fund on agricultural land in Beit Surik. The members include the Birzeit Women Charity Association, The Women’s Association of Qarawa Bani Zeid and the Women’s Association of Beit Surik. They visited the agricultural project which was implemented by the Ramallah Women Fund, part of Dalia Association‘s “Women supporting Women” program. The project was implemented by The Women’s Association of Beit Surik, on unused land, and the crops were watered with unused clean natural spring water, without chemical use. The collected crops are later used for the Associations’ food production, which are sold in the village. This raises awareness among the local community on the importance of engaging in local natural agriculture, in addition, to the role of women’s support to carry out projects which contribute to the material and moral benefit of the local community. The project to support The Women’s Association of Beit Surik was unanimously approved by all the members of the Ramallah Women Fund.