Capacity Building Training (TOR)

Capacity Building Training (TOR)

Objective: The primary objective of this Capacity Building Training is to enhance the leadership and motivation skills, time management, contact, and communication abilities of Dalia's team.

Background: Dalia's team is a dedicated group of individuals who are essential to the success of our organization. To further enhance their effectiveness, this training program has been developed to build their skills in leadership, motivation, time management, communications and Project Management.

Scope of Work:

  1. Leadership and Motivation Skills:
    • Identify and develop leadership traits and styles.
    • Understand the importance of motivation and techniques to inspire and engage team members.
    • Learn how to set clear goals and objectives for the team.
    • Develop strategies for effective decision-making and problem-solving.
    • Promote a positive and inclusive team culture.
  2. Time and Crisis Management:
  • Time Management and Productivity Techniques
  • Crisis Management and Problem Solving
  1. Communications & Project Management:
  • Effective Communication and Active Listening
  • Introduction to Project Management Principles

Training Methodology:

  • A combination of lectures, interactive discussions, group activities, case studies, and practical exercises.
  • Hands-on experience in applying the concepts taught.


Two days of training ( 12 hours) - in November 2023

Location: Ramallah

Resource Person(s): Experienced trainers or facilitators with expertise in leadership, motivation, time management, and communication skills will be engaged to conduct the training.

Expected Outcomes: Upon completion of the training, Dalia's team is expected to:

  • Demonstrate improved leadership and motivation skills.
  • Exhibit enhanced time management capabilities.
  • Show better communication skills.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to their daily work and responsibilities.
  • Contribute positively to the organization's overall success.

Reporting: A comprehensive report on the training program, including participant feedback and any recommendations for follow-up actions, will be provided to the management.

  • Application Procedure:
  • A proposal for the training, including a draft agenda, goals, activities, Training materials.
  • A proposal for financial compensation – cost per hour in USD includes income tax.
  • CV in English 

Date of issuance: 23/10/2023

Closing date for questions: 25/10/2023

Closing date for submission of applications: 30/10/2023

The cost of the Advertising will be allocated to the winner.

Kindly send your CV, technical offer and price offer to Procurement Officer [email protected]    no later than 30.10.2023