Help us shift the power, be a part of the movement!

Help us shift the power, be a part of the movement!

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Dear friends,

A few members of Team Dalia recently attended the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy where the theme focused on shifting the power.  The conversations were geared towards strengthening community philanthropy, ensuring community participation, and reducing the dependence on the big international aid actors.  Durable community development can only be achieved through community philanthropy where there is a strong mechanism to mobilize our own resources to serve our community priorities.

In a blog post that I recently published for Alliance Magazine, I wrote:  “Community philanthropy is the alternative!  The community philanthropy framework asserts that every member of civil society is a giver.  In this paradigm, there are no donors and beneficiaries.”

I continued to explain: “There is too much focus on obtaining the financial resources of the Global North.  But I am not sure if the big funders from the Global North are able or willing to contribute towards our community controlled development, where we set the agenda, not them.  Are the big AID donors ready to shift the power?  One of the participants asserted that we do have resources in the Global South. The issue is developing a mechanism to better mobilize these resources to serve the priorities of our communities.”

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