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Job Vacancy- Al Saha Program Officer

Job Vacancy- Al Saha Program Officer

Job Description

Saha program officer

The incumbent will be responsible to implement the day to day operations of the Saha program.

Overview of Al Saha:

Al Saha, space in Arabic, will be a community space where youth can gather and hold convenings/mujawarat, training, and workshops.  Al Saha will serve as a public space for knowledge, idea, and resource exchange while also providing a space to grow seasonal food, cook seasonal healthy meals, and operate Dukkan, a second-hand shop as well as local crafts.  In a later stage, Al Saha will also develop a guesthouse to host visitors and volunteers.  Al Saha's activities are intended to create a public space for civil society while generating income to sustain its operations and support the core function of Dalia’s community controlled grant making programs, specifically, IBDA’ youth program.

Al Saha Program Description:

We aim to establish a community center under the name Al Saha, as a means to provide space for the Palestinian civil society, particularly to strengthen the IBDA’ youth program. This public space will facilitate community issues from a holistic perspective; as the place will include activities that will allow us to target our four dimensions to holistic community development.  There will be activities for discussing social issues faced by our local communities especially with the youth groups from IBDA’. There will also be opportunities to promote the local economy, and best practices for food sovereignty, agriculture, and preserving the environment.  The community center, Al Saha, will be central and will include workspaces, community spaces, a community garden, and a kitchen. A guest house is also planned, however, will be operationalized later, by January 2020.  We will include a mobile component to Al Saha where we will take relevant activities to the different youth groups we work with. This includes certain events where we discuss matters that affect us as an entire society, with activities that are tailored to all members of the community, as a means to vent and benefit from this social gathering.  This center will also generate income to sustain Dalia’s core costs, as well as providing future grants to the IBDA’ youth program in different locations across Palestine.

Functions of Al Saha are as follows:

  1. Organic Farm – Home garden for planting seasonal vegetables and herbs. All produce is sourced to the kitchen. 
  2. Kitchen – Daily meal option. Provides lunch for Dalia visitors/guests, breakfast for residents at the guest house, and catering for indoor/outdoor meetings.  Hosts guest cooks for special meals and runs cooking courses.
  3. Used Goods Shop/Dukkan – Outlet selling used goods and products sourced from women’s associations.
  4. Guest House – Provides affordable accommodation to visitors from overseas.
  5. Indoor meeting facilities – 3 meeting rooms providing informal meeting space for community gatherings/events.
  6. Outdoor meeting area – Informal, outdoor meeting spaces for community gatherings/events and private events.

Al Saha will operate key functions which will also serve as income-generating to support the continued operations of Al Saha as well as the Dalia Association. 

Reports directly to the Executive Director.

Duties – 

  1. Oversee the day to day operations of the Saha program – including Dukkan/local shop, garden, kitchen, guest house, use of meeting/gathering space including mujawarat activities in the Saha
  2. Develop and implement an annual plan for Saha with measuring indicators
  3. Develop and maintain administrative and operational systems for Saha functions
    1. Dukkan/local shop
    2. Community Garden
    3. Kitchen
    4. Meeting/Gathering space
    5. Guest House
  4. Recruit volunteers as needed and oversee Saha volunteers
  5. Oversee temporary staff working in Saha, including the cook, cleaner, Dukkan volunteers, farmer, guest house porter
  6. Develop marketing/communications materials for the Saha program, in collaboration with Dalia’s communications officer
  7. Maintain a record of earnings and expenses from each Saha function, collaborate with finance officer for proper financial tracking and documentation
  8. Collaborate with the administration as needed for procurement and purchases
  9. Writing Donor’s progress report.
  10. Managing Dalia Association other facilities.
  11. Any other assignments from the executive director



  • Bachelor’s Degree in management, development, or social science or other related fields
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience in a relevant position required;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to work well as a part of a highly diverse team;
  • Excellent report writing skills and writing for other audiences
  • Strong computer skills in Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, databases, internet and email applications
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision, under pressure, on time, with attention to detail
  • Strong commitment to integrity, professionalism in handling sensitive information
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English and Arabic languages.
  • Excellent program management skills, with relevant previous experience.
  • Interest and commitment to Dalia’s philosophy and principles.


How to Apply

 Send updated CVs and include a cover letter explaining your specific interest in this position and the name, title and contact information of three references. Please include the title of the position that you are applying for in the subject of the email.  Email to [email protected] with your family name and job title that you are applying for in the subject line. 

 We apologize that we are not able to contact applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications.


The last date to receive applications is Thursday the 15th of July.