Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Lina Ismail

Community Programs Officer
Originally from ‘Asira al-Shamaliya, Lina lived part of her life abroad and returned to Palestine, she majored in Biology for her Bachelor’s degree and furthered her Masters education in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management.Lina volunteers at Sharaka Community Supported Agriculture, a volunteer group that aims to support small-scale traditional farmers, holding the principles of food sovereignty and preservation of Palestine's traditional agriculture. She also volunteers at eco projects/initiatives in Palestine, such as Farkha eco-village and Marda Permaculture Farm.Lina co-produced the guidebook ‘Conscious Choices’  with her friend, the researcher and activist Muna Dajani, discussing the concept of ethical consumption in the Palestinian context and the importance of supporting local production, by shedding light on a number of local producers including farmers, craftspeople and shops.Professional wise, Lina worked in environmental and development fields in public, private and NGO sectors in Palestine, and she finally found a place that aligns with her ideology and approach, at Dalia Association.She is a strong believer in collective thinking and actions, in addition to the role of grassroots movements and the spirit of volunteerism in community development and liberation of nations.