Newsletter - Dec 2007

Palestinians are the largest per capita recipients of international aid in the world, but they have virtually no control over how resources are used on their behalf. “With over 10 million Palestinians in the world, and millions of international friends, it is time for Palestinians to mobilize their own resources and use them for Palestinian-led social change and sustainable development,” announced the board of directors of Dalia Association, a new Palestinian community foundation based in Jerusalem.

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When the Buckminster Fuller Institute in New York asked Dalia Association to help find young Palestinians to attend their Design Science Lab, a problem-solving workshop focused on poverty, it seemed a perfect opportunity to put into practice our goal of "linking" Palestinians with resources they can use to promote social change and sustainable development, but our experience taught us that it is MUCH more difficult to "link" than it appears.

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Muthanna Al-Qadi wanted to contribute to Dalia Association, but wasn’t in a position to make a large financial contribution. He decided to give what he could—his photos. You can see Muthanna’s stunning photographs capturing the essence of Palestinian humanity on Dalia Association’s website and in our brochure. We interviewed him about his very generous contribution to Dalia in order to demonstrate the many different and important ways one can become a donor.

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