Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Community Programs

Community Programs

IBDA' Youth Program

We established the IBDA' youth-controlled grant-making program in 2016, to create an enabling environment for the participation of youth in their country's development.  The program focuses on enhancing opportunities for youth to become leaders in their community and economy.The program target...

Women Supporting Women Program

The Women Supporting Women program (WSW) brings together women to mobilize local resources for local or regional projects of their choice.  This program is entirely run by women, and extends funding solely to women’s organizations, individuals, or volunteer groups.

The Village Decides Program

One of Dalia’s community-controlled grant making programs. The Village Decides (VD) involves communities across Palestine in decision-making processes, and urges them to use grants based on their own priorities.  We facilitate the community to use and invest in local resources, thus achieving...