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The Allyship model: IBDA' in the schools-RFS

The Allyship model: IBDA' in the schools-RFS

Over the past few weeks, we have been following up with the students from the IBDA' in the Schools program at the Ramallah Friends School, to implement the community philanthropy model: allyship. 

After having visited existing community initiatives, the students have now chosen to support the initiative in Al Mughayer's village: "Paradise of Thoughts" (a local library and stationery store to promote the reading culture among the youth in the village). 


During the follow-up, the students attended a workshop, on  Thursday the 20th of February on how to fun-raise (fundraise) and support a community initiative. 

The following Sunday the 23rd of February, the students later visited the Mughayer community to discuss with the needs of the leaders of the initiative so as to be able to support them through a fun-raising activity.