Concluding "Al-Owna through Culture and Art” Project

Concluding "Al-Owna through Culture and Art” Project


Dalia Association has concluded its “Al-Owna through Culture and Art” Project funded by the Al-Qattan Foundation, which focused mainly on promoting awareness of the challenges faced by the residents of Kufr Aqab through art and culture. The project presented a series of activities including the food culture series, murals and theatre readings entitled "Kufr Aqab - Al-Quds and vice versa."

The project took up a series of food culture activities that focused on traditional Palestinian cuisine and tackled the areas from which these dishes emanated. This series was done in collaboration with a group of chefs and Palestinian ladies skilled in traditional Palestinian dishes that reflects the region's heritage and culture through food. This part of the project was able to bring together members of the community from all regions and strengthening bonds of our community in Kufr Aqab, and break the existing social impasse and preserve the legacy of Palestinian food.

Kufr Aqab has witnessed a drawing of three murals in which children expressed the reality of the challenges they face on a daily basis. These murals were drawn in cooperation with the artist Jassim Shuman as part of an eight-month journey of workshops and art trainings. The painted murals reflected the reality of challenges and life in Kufr Aqab, adding an inspiring artistic touch to the local environment.

The theatre is one of the purest forms of expression. Children have organized a play under the name of "Kufr Aqab – Al-Quds vice versa" in cooperation with the artist Eid Aziz. The children presented monologues reflecting the reality of the suffering and challenges faced by children in the Kufr Aqab area.


These activities demonstrate the mission of the Dalia Association and our goal to promote awareness, cultural and artistic communication and improve the realities of Palestinian society in various fields. We at Dalia Association, are grateful to Al Qattan Foundation for its efforts and funding for this program and we are looking forward to have organize similar activities in the near future.


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