Hosting a charitable Ramadan Iftar in support of autistic children and their families

Hosting a charitable Ramadan Iftar in support of autistic children and their families


The "Autism Heroes" organization arranges, on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, in the city of Nablus, coinciding with the World Autism Awareness Day, in partnership with the voluntary platform "Sawaed 19," and sponsored by the Dalia Community Foundation. The event titled "Table of Goodness" comes as part of the activities of the "Beautiful Inclusion" campaign aimed at raising awareness about the reality of autistic children and their families, along with the psychological and social challenges they face in the Palestinian community, through creating inclusive community spaces that bring autistic children and their families together with children and families outside the autism spectrum, the spaces will use of visual arts and psychological and social support techniques to ensure the inclusion of autistic children in the community

The Iftar was attended by a generous community supporters including representatives from the governorate and municipality of Nablus, and a number of individuals interested in supporting local community aspects. It aims to promote the concept of community giving by reaching out to our Palestinian society, where the concept of community philanthropy is an integral part of our culture and history. The importance of community mobilization comes as a central axis of the vision of Dalia Association, which seeks to transition from reliance on external support to relying on our Palestinian community as a primary source of the resources needed to create the social change we aspire to.

The "Beautiful Inclusion" campaign comes within the framework of the Dalia Association approach, which focuses on networking, mobilization, and advocacy to enhance our right as Palestinians to prioritize our needs and utilize our resources according to our needs, and part of Giving of Change program. This includes the "Beautiful Inclusion" campaign aimed at supporting autistic children and their families, which includes various activities such as community integration events through the arts, dialogues with specialists and decision-makers, and community mobilization and advocacy events aimed at promoting a culture of giving and volunteering among community members.

At the end of the breakfast, Mrs. Soha Al-Najjar thanked all the attendees and partners for their generosity and support. Additionally, the field coordinator of the Dalia Association, Alia Al-Rusan, emphasized the importance of continuing to give and support from the community to ensure the success of the activities of the "Autism Heroes" Foundation and the community integration activities for autistic children and their families.