Kafr Al-Lubbad Pools - From a Health Hazard to a Public Park

Kafr Al-Lubbad Pools - From a Health Hazard to a Public Park

With joy, the children of Kafr Al-Labad - Tulkarm and their families spent a Friday at the archaeological pools park, rehabilitated through the initiative of "Walk on Your Land and Claim It." After years of deprivation, the initiative supervised by Dalia Association in partnership with the Kafr Al-Labad Municipality and the Kafr Al-Labad Sports Club succeeded in transforming the archaeological pools, which had become a health hazard, into a public park.

The initiative, funded by "Giving for Change" project, worked tirelessly over five months, gathering volunteers from the local community to clean and rehabilitate the area. They added children's play equipment, wooden benches, and planted fruit-bearing and native trees.

The park was inaugurated on Thursday, December 28, 2023, with the presence of partners and representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture, Tourism and Antiquities, Local Government, and Agricultural Relief in Tulkarm Governorate.

Given the environmental and historical significance of the area, Nadiya Rajab, President of the Kafr Al-Labad Sports Club, stated: "The archaeological pools area is among our top priorities. It was a neglected area turned into a health hazard, yet it holds historical value. We approached Dalia Association to collaborate on rehabilitating it for conversion into a public park. I appeal to decision-makers to fulfill their responsibilities by supporting the development and preservation of this project."

Highlighting the place's historical and natural beauty, Hassan Shtayyeh, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Tulkarm, expressed their commitment to register and connect the site with surrounding historical trails, encouraging people to visit.

Ragheb Abu Diyak, Director General of Local Government in Tulkarm, praised the effort and vowed to approach funding entities to include this site in the 2024 budget to achieve the desired goals.

Additionally, Aahed Zanabieh, Director of Agricultural Relief, emphasized the importance of their presence in supporting environmental and agricultural aspects of the project, pledging full support for its development.