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Revival of Palestinian Cuisine at Beit Al-Karmeh

Revival of Palestinian Cuisine at Beit Al-Karmeh


In September and October of this year, Dalia Association organized multiple events related to Palestinian cuisine and the revival of recipes from our heritage at Beit Al-Karmeh guest house. These events included a Za’tar Manaqish event on 1st September, where a Palestinian chef baked the Manaqish in a wooden oven outside the guesthouse, and covered it with seasonal Za’tar and olive oil. The guests enjoyed the Manaqish with their friends and families at our outdoor space, which achieved our goal with this event: to strengthen the community bonds in areas such as Kufor Aqab.

The second food-related event at Beit Al-Karmeh was a Handmade Maftoul event on the 5th of October, where our chef made the Maftool by hand in front of the guests, and served it at our outdoor space. The guests also had the option to take the food home to their families.

Finally, on the 24th of October, Um Samer prepared the Palestinian national dish Musakhan for us, by baking the bread in a wooden oven, then dipping it in seasonal olive oil, and grilling the chicken to go on top. The event was met with a great turnout from Kufor Aqab and other close-by neighborhoods.

Dalia Association is very proud of the efforts of these women in reviving Palestinian heritage and local recipes, and women's economic empowerment in Kufor Aqab.