"Rihana" transitions from an initiative to a youth foundation in Al-Azza Camp.

"Rihana" transitions from an initiative to a youth foundation in Al-Azza Camp.

The "Rihana Youth Initiative" has secured the seed grant for the community grants cycle as part of the "Giving for Change" project for the year 2023. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the Palestinian’s rights for healthy and appropriate food through agroecological and water agriculture project. The initiative constructed a plastic greenhouse for water farming on the rooftops of houses in Al-Azza Camp in Bethlehem.

After two years since its start by a group of young men and women with the support of the local community, the official opening of the Rihana Association took place in Al-Azza Camp on Monday, January 29, 2024, the patronage of the head of the Environmental Quality Authority and with the support of Dalia Association, and the attendance of representatives from official and community organizations in the camp, as well as social committees in the governorate and beneficiaries of the association.

Shatha Al-Azza, Rihana’s representative, presented the vital role of the Rihana, its objectives, and its community role within Al-Azza Camp. She emphasized the importance of environmental and water agriculture as a Palestinian right to achieve food sovereignty. Shatha expressed gratitude to the partners and the camp residents for their support of the initiative and its success.

Georgette Rizkallah, the field coordinator at Dalia Association, stated, "Environmental agriculture is the backbone of food sovereignty." She emphasized the association's vision regarding the importance of relying on local resources as our national wealth.

Taleb Hameed, representing the Environmental Quality Authority, expressed his pride at the launch of Rihana from the heart of Al-Azza Camp, expressing commitment in supporting such community initiatives that enhance our resilience on our land.

The event concluded with a documentary about Rihana, its objectives, and activities, followed by a visit to the initiative's site, providing attendees with an overview of the impactful results achieved by Rihana.