Voting Day 2020-WSW Gaza

Voting Day 2020-WSW Gaza

We organized the voting day on the 29th of October, for the Women Supporting Women (WSW) program, where 22 initiatives were presented. The participants and a committee representing local community organizations voted for the best 2 initiatives, with a vote weight of 40%-60% respectively, and following a set of criteria- innovation of the initiative, its ability to solve a community issue, its sustainability, and its focus on one of the main pillars of Dalia's approach to community development (culture, community, environment and local economy). grant amount. Therefore, Dalia Association will support 2 initiatives and will grant $1,500 to each winning initiative. Dalia Association will also provide the in-kind technical support needed for the implementation of the initiatives.

The list below is a summary of the winning initiatives:

1. O.F.A (One for All & All for One)

A cultural, social, and environmental initiative, the idea of which is based on reviving an ancient art form: mosaics, using innovative ways. The initiative will train groups of women aged from (20-40) years in the field of designing mosaic patterns and displaying them publicly. This initiative goes in line with our culture and heritage, while recycling materials such as (marble, glass, tiles, crystal, seashells, porcelain, and ceramics) to reuse them creatively, thus empowering women economically by teaching them these necessary skills that can be to help them provide an alternative source of income in the future. All works of art will be displayed in an exhibition for sale.

2. Bassma (Touch)

A social, economic, and technical initiative targeting 20 women with disabilities from "Rafah" in the south of the Gaza Strip, who master the craft of embroidery, knitting, and crocheting, in order to empower them economically and socially by providing them with raw materials necessary as well as advanced training to produce a competitive local product, and assist them in marketing through social media platforms.

We are so excited for all the selected initiatives, and wish them the best!