Voting Day 2021-WSW Gaza

Voting Day 2021-WSW Gaza


We organized the Women Supporting Women Program's (WSW) public voting day*, on Tuesday the 24th of August. 9 women leaders received training as part of the program in the following topics:

  • Life and communication skills
  • Identifying community needs and priorities
  • Creative thinking in finding solutions to local community issues
  • Local resource mobilization 
  • Social Responsibility 
  • Formulating ideas initiatives, and presentation skills
  • Pitching

After working with the initiatives, 3 were selected on the voting day by a committee of activists and experts from Gaza. With a voting percentage of 60% for the committee, and the remaining 40% for public voting through our Facebook page.


These were the initiatives that presented their pitch:

  • Nairuz Beauty: provides cosmetic services to people with disabilities, and the elderly who find it difficult to reach beauty centers at nominal prices.
  • Our Language is Beautiful:  teaching the Arabic language to foreign women and girls.
  • Sawa'id (forearms):  provides occupational therapy and psychological support for children with autism, and aims to carry out awareness campaigns with instructions for parents dealing with their children.
  • Zeina Youth Initiative: A team consisting of graduates and people with disabilities who aim to establish a women's workshop to enhance the Palestinian identity and envirommental heritage, by reviving traditional dishes,  embroidery, and recycling materials to achieve social and economic empowerment for women.
  • A Gesture of Hope: provides a safe and environmentally-friendly space for children to play, entertain and unload, with the aim to reduce accidents that children are exposed to in unsafe play areas.
  • Mawasem (seasons): provides freshly chopped vegetables and fruits in safe and natural ways without preservatives.
  • Joy at Work:  creating accessories and artifacts using metal wires, as well as drawing paintings, and drawing on cups and utensils.

The final voting results were in favor of Nairuz Beauty, Zeina Youth Initiative, and A Gesture of Hope!

We are so happy that the community voted for these initiatives, and we wish them the best!

The voting day was organized in partnership with Beituna for Community Development.

As for the rest of the initiatives, Dalia will partner with local organizations to provide them with support through local community resources mobilization.


*The voting day for WSW and IBDA' were organized together on the same day.