Voting Day the West Bank- IBDA' Youth Program

Voting Day the West Bank- IBDA' Youth Program

On Monday the 11th of October, we organized the voting day for the IBDA' Youth Program* which is in partnership with DROSOS FOUNDATION.

Initiative leaders received training as part of the program in the following topics:

  • A Theatre in our village:  an initiative to tour puppet shows in marginalized areas and manufacture miniature wooden puppets
  • Sawa Min'amirha (we will build it together): this initiative from the youth group: Bawabit Al Mutatawee'n, will create volunteer opportunities in the governorate of Jenin.
  • The Street Cinema: The initiative aims to create a community cinema that will serve as a hub and gathering space for young men and women and children in the city of Jericho.
  • Youth Platforms Initiative: It aims to design invitations for weddings and targets  young people who are about to get married.
  • H&H: the initiative produces locally made natural beauty products, using olive oil.
  • Yes WE Can: targets land in area C that will be used for agricultural projects and tourism, while creating job opportunities for the youth of Jenin, and at the same time, protecting this land from Israeli confiscation.
  • Rose and Cactus: teaches children through play in nature.
  • The Cooperative Society for Food and Industrial Manufacturing from the Save the Jordan Valleys campaign initiative: the initiative helps farmers market their products. 
  • The initiative to encourage and revitalize tourism in Jenin stems from their faith and their love for the land and in order to preserve our Palestinian identity and our ancient history. The initiative seeks to shed light on touristic attractions located in the city of Jenin and its countryside.
  • The Returned Scouts: The goal of the initiative is to develop the group's capabilities and provide training on the bagpipe in the Hebron governorate, and training in volunteerism so that the group can provide the best service to the Palestinian community through voluntary work.


The final voting results were in favor of  Yes We Can, A Theatre in our village, The Street Cinema, The Returned Scouts, Save the Jordan Valley, Encouraging Tourism in Jenin.

We are so happy that the community voted for these initiatives, and we wish them the best!

As for the rest of the initiatives, Dalia will partner with local organizations to provide them with support through local community resources mobilization.