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Film Screenings: "Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine"

Film Screenings: "Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine"

Film Screenings: "Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine"


We are eager to share with you these updates on our efforts to raise awareness on food sovereignty in Palestine. This year, we implemented a tour of film screenings for “Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine” as well as a series of discussions about the challenges that face farmers, and the possibility of reclaiming indigenous agricultural and environmental practices that are free of chemicals in different areas in Palestine in order to safeguard the land, soil, and heirloom seeds, and reclaim the status of healthy local food and different varieties of local crops.

The tour and discussions were implemented with farmers and agriculture students in Bardala, Zababdeh, Battir and Deir Balout, and there was a common interest in applying different models of agroecology depending on the area in order to exchange knowledge through practice and application.

The film was also screened during Dalia’s philanthropy camps for youth and women’s initiatives in the West Bank and Gaza, in addition to the Expertise Forum, and I Know I Can volunteer camp. The screenings were also followed by discussions about the reality of agricultural work and food sovereignty in Palestine.

We would like to thank our guest speakers who gave us their time, expertise, and experience in the field of food sovereignty and agroecology: Saad Dagher, Mohammad Khoueira, Ahmad Surani, and Saniyeh Eid.

There is a noticeable concern in our community to safeguard the land and strengthen our bonds with it through agricultural production that is appropriate for our culture and identity, and is harmonious with nature and its creatures. There is also an interest in reclaiming the culture of nutritious local food which carries our crops’ special signature, and which offers just and free work opportunities for everyone.

For those who are interested in coordinating a screening for the film and a discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us.