ِAgroecology workshop with the Women Funds

We concluded the year 2019 with a great workshop in agroecology with the expert in Agroecology, Mr. Saad Dagher. This workshop was decided upon unanimously by the Women Funds at Dalia: Tulkarem, Salfit, Jericho and Ramallah.

Let's Communicate: Puppet Show_ IBDA' in Gaza

Let’s Communicate: the socio-cultural project that aims to provide advanced training in the art of puppeteering for 25 children, held multiple performances in the area.

The Social Change Auction: Funded by Palestine

With three laptops on my back, we arrived at the destination: A.M. Qattan Foundation, on Tuesday the 3rd of December, where the next couple of hours we held one of the most exciting events conducted by the Dalia Association: The Social Change Auction. It is a live crowdfunding event, aimed at supporting local community...

Aslak: Art and Wires-IBDA' in Gaza

Aslak/ Wires: An environmental, social and community initiative that aims at recycling metal wires in a creative way and turning them into high-quality pieces of art,

IBDA' in the Schools: Susya Visit

On the 1st of December, we organized a trip to Susya with the IBDA' in the schools program with students from the Ramallah Friends School (RFS). 

IBDA' in the Schools- Allyship Program in RFS

This year, we started the IBDA' in the schools at Ramallah Friends School (RFS), with a different approach, 

Urban Remedy-Mobilizing communities through gardening

Rahaf from Team Dalia and a youth group from Palestine, participated in the Urban Remedy Project (Youth mobilization through Urban gardening) in Berlin, Germany.

Mujawara with IBDA' in Gaza

We organized a mujawara for the leaders of the initiatives from the IBDA' Youth program in Gaza.

The participating youth visited Al Qarara Cultural museum and learned how it was established through a volunteer group.

Pebble in Still Water

t is a challenging job to work in the field of social change; more particularly to mobilize specific groups of people; in my case “the youth” who are mobilized in order to accomplish economic initiatives through youth Ibda’ program. Many obstacles hinder the achievement of the work. This even includes thinking patterns. The Palestinian youth are frustrated;...

Team Dalia in Brussels-FFP Plenary meeting

Majd and Rasha from team Dalia participated in the plenary meeting of the Foundations For Peace Network (FFP), of which Dalia is a member. FFP is an international network of independent local philanthropic organizations working towards peace and social justice.  


IBDA' in Gaza-voting day and results

We organized the voting day on September 11th for IBDA' Youth Program at the University of Palestine - Gaza, where 28 initiatives were presented. Voting by the community was not feasible, due to the large number of attendants. Therefore, a local committee  was formed and they have selected 11 initiatives.

Mujawara- Women's Funds

We held a mujawara* for the women funds which lasted for three days (12-14 September 2019) in one of the most beautiful guest houses in the old city of Nablus: ...