Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

IBDA' in Gaza-Mentoring Workshop

We held several mentoring workshops, in August,  for the participants in the IBDA' Youth program in Gaza.  They are now in the preparation phase of their project ideas for the voting day scheduled for next week.

Ibad Al Rahman- Dabkeh Training

"Reviving the Palestinian Identity" an initiative from Ibad Al Rahman school, as part of from the IBDA' in the schools-Gaza, participated in Dabkeh training from May to July.


Signing Grant Agreements-WSW Gaza

We signed the community grant agreement (the grant that was distributed through a community decision via voting) with the leaders of the two initiatives from the Women Supporting Women (WSW) program in Gaza.

WSW in Gaza-Voting Day

We organized the voting day on the 7th of July for the Women Supporting Women Program in Gaza (WSW), where 200 students, women, and a local committee participated in the voting on 18 project ideas.

Al Natouf Market

Usayd and his team, from the IBDA' youth program, which is supported by Drosos Foundation, organized  Al Natouf Market, which was one of the winning initiatives that the youth community voted for last April in the village of Budrus.



Dalia Association in Georgia

Rasha from Team Dalia attended a meeting for Foundations For Peace Network in May.

Mujawara (Convening)- Emancipatory Education

On May the 30th, we held a muajwara (convening) with Rosa Luxembourg on their recently published research on the Palestinian Curriculum: "School Curricula: Investing in Human Capital or Wasting it”,  authored by the Palestinian researcher Muhannad Abdul-Hamid. 

WSW in Gaza- Workshops

We implemented a series of workshops with the Women Supporting Women (WSW) program-Gaza during the month of June.

Meeting and training with the Youth-Yallah IBDA'

We organized the first meeting with the consultants Thaer Ayasi, and Mahmoud Hreibat on the 16th of June.

Hand in Hand to Plant together- IBDA' in the schools- Gaza

The students of the initiative "Hand in Hand to Plant Together" from Ibad Al Rahman school,  held a planting activity. Their initiative was voted for by the schoolchildren earlier in the year.  This activity aims at raising awareness of urban agriculture and repurposing spaces in the city. 

IBDA' in the school Gaza-Field Visit

We have organized a field trip for IBDA’ in the schools – Gaza. The field trip was part of “Hand in Hand to plant together” initiative, that was voted for earlier in the year. This activity aims at raising awareness about urban agriculture.

IBDA' in Gaza-Workshops

We have concluded the workshops with the Youth of IBDA’ Program, during which we have targeted 60 participants, and divided them into two groups.