Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Yallah IBDA'- Voting Day in Budrus

We organized the voting day on Friday the 5th of April in the village of Budrus-west of Ramallah, as part of the IBDA’ Youth Program.

Awareness Day-Animal-Friendly School

we organized an awareness talk for the Orthodox School in Al Eizariyeh given by The Palestinian Animal League, as part of the initiative "An Animal-Friendly School". 

Yallah IBDA'- Voting Day in Bethlehem

We organized the voting day, on Thursday the 4th of April,  for the IBDA’ Youth program at Bethlehem University. Voting was hard, as it involved these seven creative initiatives:

Fun-raising on the Bike

We always believe in FUN when we support local community initiatives, and this time, the youth group Cycling Palestine, joined us in a fun-raiser to support the Education Fund on the 5th of April.

WSW in Gaza

We launched the Women Supporting Women program in Gaza, in partnership with Aisha Association for Women and Child Protection,

IBDA' in the Schools-Voting Days 

The voting day was held on the 21st of January. [email protected] received the most votes, and this initiative will focus on creating a brochure of important landmarks in Ramallah and Al Bireh for tourists and locals alike. They received a grant of $400 US. In second place was the initiative "Siti W Sidi" (Grandpa and Grandma), where they will...

Yallah IBDA'

In the last couple of months, we have relaunched the IBDA’ youth program in several new areas. We have conducted several open meetings in Bethlehem, Budrus, Turmusaya and Al Mughayar, and Al-Bireh. The aim of these open meetings is to get to know active youth groups in these regions, and empowering them to take part in the Palestinian local economy.



CSA Training – Om Sleiman Farm

My name is Najla and I was one of five trainees participating in the training program organized last season by Om Sleiman Farm and supported by Dalia Association. The training was based on teaching the concepts of sustainable farming and the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

IBDA' program in the Orthodox School

And we continue with the IBDA' program in the Orthodox School in Al Eizariyeh-Bethany, with developing new ideas for initiatives and putting a working plan. We also came with great ideas!