Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Voting Day 2020-IBDA' Youth Program in Bethlehem

We organized the voting day for Bethlehem’s governorate as part of the IBDA’ Youth Program-which is supported by DROSOS FOUNDATION, on Monday the 10th of August, at the YMCA chapter in Beit Jala.

Voting Day 2020-IBDA' Youth Program in Gaza Strip

We organized the voting day on the 25th of July, 2020 for IBDA' Youth Program- Gaza, supported by DROSOS, where 20 initiatives were presented. The participants and a committee representing local community organizations voted for the best 4 initiatives, with a vote weight of 40%-60% respectively, and following a set of criteria- innovation of the initiative, its ability to solve a community...

IBDA' Youth Program 2020- Training in Gaza

We concluded a series of workshops as part of IBDA’ Youth Program - Gaza, supported by DROSOS FOUNDATION. Thirty participants from different areas of the Gaza Strip participated in a 4-day training. The training covered topics like needs assessment, design thinking, proposal writing, preparing budgets, and pitching skills.

Signing an agreement with Power Group

On the 11th  of February, we signed an agreement for future collaboration in the execution of different activities during the coming year.

IBDA' Youth Program 2020-Bethlehem

The first meeting was held in Beit Jala targeting the governorate of Bethlehem. The meeting was held at the Power Group...

The Allyship model: IBDA' in the schools-RFS

Over the past few weeks, we have been following up with the students from the IBDA' in the Schools program at the Ramallah Friends School, to implement the community philanthropy model: allyship. 

A Visit to Al Mughayer - IBDA' in the schools.

A visit to the village of Al Mugahyer with the students of the Ramallah Friends School as part of the IBDA' in the Schools program.  The students visited
'Paradise of Thoughts" youth initiative which aims to encourage a reading culture.

Technoplant-Stevia-IBDA' Youth Program

A day in the lab of the Techno Plant initiative, which uses the leaves of the Stevia

Signing Grant Agreements with Farmers-Gaza

On the 15th of December, Dalia Association signed 11 grant agreements with farmers in the Access Restricted Areas (ARA) in Gaza, through 6 partnering associations. Through the agreements, we aim to enhance the resilience of farmers in the ARA and contribute to finding solutions for community, environmental, and economic issues.

Sol Band-Thank you Gaza- IBDA' Youth Program

As part of the IBDA' Youth Program,  the Gazan band: Sol Band, created a new music video as part of the Thank You initiative.  The video highlights the emotions of the youth of Gaza.



Where to start - IBDA' Youth Program

The Where To Start initiative implements a full training workshop to inform medical students about the methodology of medical scientific research.

My Story - IBDA' Youth Program

This initiative uses the digital platform to show the stories, dreams, fears and challenges faced by the people of Gaza.