Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

My Story - IBDA' Youth Program

This initiative uses the digital platform to show the stories, dreams, fears and challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

Taghreeda (Bird call) - IBDA' Youth Program

This New Years Eve a total of 50 artists in 8 groups gathered for the Taghreeda (Bird Call) festival to present their art and theatre. 

MACRO - IBDA' Youth Gaza

The Macro initiative: An electronic platform offering training, courses and communication with experts. Designed for students of nutrition and those interested in the field.

Olive Cake initiative- IBDA' Youth Gaza

This new initiative from Dalia’s counterparts in Gaza takes the waste from the olive oil production process and transforms it into electricity

Restoration Lab- IBDA' Youth Program

This initiative provided equipment and training assistance for the establishment of a technical laboratory designed for the restoration of artefacts and monuments within the Gaza strip.

Ashab Al Himam (People of strong will) - IBDA' Youth Gaza

Part of the Ashab Al Himam (People of strong will) initiative a training program was initiated to help train and support special needs community members in the production of dolls and games.

#ShiftThePower: Symposium in London

The Executive Director, Majd Hamouri, and board member Yanal Hammoudeh attended the “Pathways to Power” Symposium in London, organized by Global Fund for Community Foundations. 

Paradise of Thoughts: A Library in Al Mughayer village

On Monday, the 13th of January, The youth group in the Mughayer village, who received a grant from the IBDA' Youth Program,  launched their initiative: Paradise of Thoughts (Janat Al Fikr): a local library and stationery store, among a crowd of locals, 

ِAgroecology workshop with the Women Funds

We concluded the year 2019 with a great workshop in agroecology with the expert in Agroecology, Mr. Saad Dagher. This workshop was decided upon unanimously by the Women Funds at Dalia: Tulkarem, Salfit, Jericho and Ramallah.

Let's Communicate: Puppet Show_ IBDA' in Gaza

Let’s Communicate: the socio-cultural project that aims to provide advanced training in the art of puppeteering for 25 children, held multiple performances in the area.

The Social Change Auction: Funded by Palestine

With three laptops on my back, we arrived at the destination: A.M. Qattan Foundation, on Tuesday the 3rd of December, where the next couple of hours we held one of the most exciting events conducted by the Dalia Association: The Social Change Auction. It is a live crowdfunding event, aimed at supporting local community...