Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Film Screenings: "Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine"

Film Screenings: "Untold Revolution: Food Sovereignty in Palestine"


A Manifesto for Change-#ShiftThePower

With the start of the new year, the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) launched a campaign around this short, 9-point statement.  #ShiftThePower movement seeks to tip the balance of power in the development sector towards a fairer and more equitable people-...

End of the Advanced Agroecology Training

On Sunday, March 27th, we completed the advanced agroecology training, which was provided by Saad Dagher, to several agricultural cooperatives including; Ard Al Yaa's from Saffa village, Ard Al  Falaheen from Kufor Ni'meh, Juthoor Shams from Tulkarm, and Rumman from Saffa.

News from the Giving For Change project

Today, the community initiatives, that received community-controlled grant funding from the Giving for Change project, have come a long way in achieving their goals, through the implementation of their various activities we are pleased to share with you "Where they are right now".

A visit to Mazar'i Al Noubani as part of the Agro-Training


Within the advanced training activities in the agroecology training for the participating cooperatives of the Giving for Change project, offered by Saad Dagher. 

#ShiftThePower & Me: Rasha Sansur

24th February 2021 marked my first meeting as the new #ShiftThePower Platform Coordinator with the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF). I was meeting with Renji George Joseph from the Dalit Community Foundation in India...

IBDA' Youth Program Initiatives-West Bank

In the West Bank, the community initiatives that received a grant from the Dalia Association from the IBDA' Youth program, which is supported by DROSOS FOUNDATION, succeeded in implementing their ideas on the ground and reaping the first fruits of their efforts, after receiving training on how to formulate their initiatives according to a clear time plan in order to reach their goals...

Gaza Initiatives-IBDA' and WSW program


Despite the ongoing siege in the Gaza Strip and the recent wounds of the latest attack on Gaza last May, there are still young, creative, and ambitious dreamers (men and women), who are still capable of creativity and change.

Finalization of the Arduino training for STEAM LAB initiative


On Sunday the 6th of February, the last training session in Arduino took place at Beit Al Karmeh for the STEAM LAB initiative, led by communications' engineer Mohammad Abu Qari'.  

Persevering in times of COVID 19

By Saja Shami- Community Programs Officer

Our role towards achieving food sovereignty

By Lina Isma’il- Communtiy Programs Officer


The term national food sovereignty may sound dreamy when you first hear it, you would think, is it possible for a colonized nation, with no sovereignty over resources and borders, to practice national food sovereignty?